Repayment Options


Split Funding Program

90% of our customers prefer to change to one of our preferred credit card processors because we guarantee to lower the merchant processing fees.  If the credit card equipment you are currently using is compatible, you will continue to use that equipment.  If for some reason it is not compatible, Horizon Financial Group will send you a new machine absolutely free.

Once the processing is switched over, we will wire the funds to your account.  Once the funds hit your account, the processor will start automatically deducting the agreed upon fixed percentage from your credit card sales to pay back the capital.


Automatic Debit Program

The first option you have to stay with your current credit card processor is our Automatic Debit Program.  This option is very simple.  The customer will provide Horizon Financial Group with online access to their merchant account, so that we will be able to monitor the daily credit card sales.  One of our Customer Service Analysts will wait for the credit card sales to deposit to your bank account, and then debit the agreed upon fixed percentage that is owed to pay back the capital.

What's the next step?
If you have been in business for at least 90 days, and make monthly deposits of $10,000 to your business bank acount, apply today.