Frequently Asked Questions

We offer you a way to improve your business for the future by accessing working capital now. It’s not a bank loan, so you’re more likely to be approved, and your working capital becomes available to you within days.
One of the biggest benefits of using Horizon Financial Group for your merchant financing needs is our remit rates. We are willing to match or beat any quote that you receive from a competitor. We guarantee it! In addition, the customer support at Horizon Financial Group is unparalleled. We work with our clients to provide custom programs that fit their business needs while other business cash advance companies have defined programs with limitations.
Use the working capital any way you see fit. Customers typically use the cash to support or upgrade their business in some way. Maybe you need repairs or inventory. Maybe you would like to expand your present location or simply add a new location. Better still, maybe you’d like to seize an opportunity in your marketplace before a competitor does.
We all know that sometimes banks can be a little tough with their guidelines. Horizon Financial Group provides cash advances to businesses that do not qualify for traditional bank loans. We also have clients with perfect credit that come to us because of our turnaround time compared to the time it takes for the bank approval process.
The funding process is simple. Horizon Financial Group purchases your future credit card transactions and advances that working capital to you today. After you receive your advance, your processor will deduct a small, fixed percentage from your daily credit cards sales until the advance is remit in full.
If you take credit cards as a form of payment…you qualify! Credit score is not the only factor with our underwriting. We know that most business owners put everything they have into their business including financing, which usually results in a low credit score. Our underwriters look at the business and the credit card sales that it is producing every month.
NO! The information you submit to us is kept completely confidential and is never shared with any 3rd party companies or business partners of ours. Horizon Financial Group protects the privacy of our clients and our website is 100% secure and safe.
Pre-approval is obtained within 1 hour. Funding can take as little as 3 business days depending on the amount of the transaction and the time it takes to get the necessary documents required to fund.
At Horizon Financial Group , we are very flexible about the payback term. The client decides whether they would like to pay us back on a 3-month, 6-month, 8-month, or 12-month term. Don’t worry, you can always ask for an extension if you need more time and you can even pay back at a faster pace than you initially set with no prepayment penalties!
If you have been in business for at least 90 days, and make monthly deposits of $10,000 to your business bank account, you may qualify you up to $250,000. Other conditions apply.
This all depends on the customer. Once one of our account executives receives a completed application and 3 merchant statements, we can wire the funds within 48-72 hours.
Horizon Financial Group gives you the option to either stay with your current credit card processor OR switch to one of our preferred processors where we can SAVE YOU MONEY on your fees every month.
You can log on to our website to view your every detail of your account or you can call our customer support on our toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No. You can always remit in full the balance remaining on the advance at any time. As a matter of fact, Horizon Financial Group will offer a large discount depending on your remittance terms worked out during the initial contract.
No. 75% of our customers take more than one advance and the majority of them take it within 60 days of receiving their first advance. All you have to do is pay off 35% of your first advance and send your Funding Consultant a recent bank statement. The money will be in your account the same day as when you applied.
You can reach one of our Funding Specialists at: 718-513-6633 from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday